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3 Port HDMI Multi Display Auto Switch Hub Box 1.3 1080P Switcher

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This fantastic 3 Port HDMI Auto Switch Splitter Hub Boxes are the solution for anybody who has more devices than HDMI ports. It will save you an incredible amount of time and you will no longer have to constantly disconnect and re-connect your devices when ever you want to use them. It's perfect for Sky Boxes, Virgin Boxes, Xbox's and Playstations! When one device is turned off, the pigtail switcher will automatically select the next device, or if you really want to be old fashioned about it, simply the select the device yourself with the simple push of a button. There is no additional power required and it will simply work out of the packet ... simple!

    Switch easily between 3 HDMI Sources to ONE Display such as ,Xbox 360, Freesat HD, DVD, HD Camcorder, PC, Laptop etc.
    Automatic Switching Between the 3 Devices when they are switched off and one switches on.
    No Extra Power Required
    Plug and Play HDMI Auto Switch Splitter Box
    Option to manually select the device with the Button
    Supports 1080p Full HD and 12-bit Deep Color, retaining the crispy clear images
    Supports Uncompressed audio such as LPCM
    Supports Compressed Audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital including DTS-HD and Dolby True HD

Type: Coaxial Cables
Model Number: 3 Port HDMI
Gender: Male-Female
Connector A: HDMI
Connector B: HDMI
Application: Multimedia
Shielding: Non-Shielded
Outer Diameter: 1.3 1080P Switcher
Packing: Double Blister
Package: No
Connector Type: Composite
Connector Color: Gold
Gender: Auto Switch Hub Box

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